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    Default Site to Site | Two Untangle XG or Untangle XG and SD-WAN?

    I'm thinking of replacing two Edgerouters (Ubuquiti) with an Untangle Solution. I'm looking for some info on what's best.

    The only reason for site-to-site connections is site to site backups, RDP, and file sharing. I'm not sure if a SD-WAN device would be beneficial for this setup nor if the ISP speeds would allow for all/some internet to go to the HQ with 1 Untangle XG. The ISP pipes are 100/20 and 120/10.

    Would I be better to go with two Untangle XG appliances; and setup a IPSec or WireGuard site-to-site? Or 1 Untangle XG and SDWAN (which VPN tunnel does this setup?)

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    Depends. If you just want site to site access, I would go with two NGFWs. If you want to filter site B through site A, the NGFW and SDWAN will be more cost effective.
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