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    Default Profile & session events shows different profile assignment

    Friends of Untangle,

    This one is a bit weird...or so it seems to me...

    I have assigned a tag for a given host with the goal to use it as a classifier in a Policy Manager Rule to assign the sessions into 1 of 2 profiles: bobo_ALL & TEST-1.

    If I assign the sessions into TEST-1 and then inspect the Policy Manager --> All Events and Network --> All Sessions tables, the assigned profile is the same. All pretty straightforward so far but here's the rub --- If I change the policy rule to assign the sessions into bobo_ALL, then the assigned profiles differ with the Policy Manager table showing the correct profile (bobo_ALL) and the Network table showing "None".

    To illustrate what I'm seeing, screen captures from the Network & Policy Manager tables are here for review. I'm not sure what's going on here but I'm confident one of you will so please share any insights you might have.

    Thanks in advance...
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