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    Default Cannot seem to reach a webserver seemingly regardless of DNS

    Hello - There is a website I am trying to reach that I can't seem to reach behind my untangle box. If I bypass it, it works fine (Using a dinky router). I can also access this site (And the others hosted on this server) from every other endpoint I've tried that isn't behind the untangle box.

    I have tried many variations in DNS (Using cloudflare, google public, local ISP, etc) but regardless I can't seem to reach the host server . The URL is UMVAK.COM. I've confirmed there are many websites hosted at this IP ( and I can't seem to reach any of them. I have turned off the firewall, and all the other applications on the firewall but still no luck. Also, another strange thing is up until a month ago or so I've had no issues reaching this site. I don't recall making any changes, but the firewall is set to automatically update... so maybe it did that and broke something?

    I realize it could be many things, but anyone have any ideas what might be happening? Or where else to look?

    *I just included the NHL.COM output for comparison to the output*
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    If you have Live Support or NGFW Complete (i.e., not a home-tier subscription), you may want to contact Support.

    We've got this article that can help troubleshoot:

    …but it sounds like you've already done all this.

    What does 'I can't seem to reach' mean? What happens in the browser when you try to go to that site?

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    What does traceroute to the site or ip show?

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