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    Quote Originally Posted by MNTech68 View Post
    This is paid, 2000+ Users (Unlimited License). So far I've traced it back to starting on Sep 8th 2021. That's about 2 weeks after going from v15 to v16. Since that date, it's happening randomly, Sep 8,17,29 Oct 14,15, Nov 9,11,19,22,30, Dec 3,7,9,21,29.
    Maybe fresh install will solve this ? & updating the bios / firmware on the box ? ( assuming you have checked hardware like hdd & ram )
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    Yeah, that's sounding like upgrade creep, it gets every box someday. And we never really quite know why.

    Think Winrot, Untangle edition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sky-knight View Post
    As I said on the other thread, a spike in CPU utilization can mean many things. But on a fundamental level it means a burst of network sessions.

    This can be caused by a ton of different factors, all of which traffic related. Do you have a web server behind Untangle? Because if you do... and you don't have the ingress HTTP/HTTPs traffic going through a very carefully curated policy... well... You're going to see this, because of all the LOG4J vuln scanning being done right now.

    Running a larger network with a bunch of machines on it? Perhaps you've got a dumb user that installed a bot / malware on their machine that's aiding in this process, or something similar. Malware with a bittorrent delivery engine can do this too... always could. There are 1000 different things here, that aren't Untangle that can cause Untangle to do this. And yes, it is an indication you've outgrown your hardware.

    Is that what's happening? I have no idea. But Support's explanation is VALID.
    Hi Rob, No web server, no bots etc, this is just a home network with around 75 devices. The point is there is no increase of network activity of any kind during these spikes. The only time the network traffic is effected is when the spike is so high (LA of 60 on a 4 core machine) the box stops processing traffic all together for a minute and then a spike in network traffic occurs after the CPU load returns to normal, the majority of which are local UDP DNS requests from all the devices that are P****d off they could not see the internet from the last minute.

    I'll say it again..., the average load on my install is between 0.25 and 0.5 99% of the time, running 300-500 sessions. If I try and stress the network by, for example, doing multiple torrent downloads, I can get the session count up to 2-3000 and still have a load average under 2. I simply cannot generate enough traffic/sessions to get the CPU load over this number. These spikes are several orders of magnitude over this. I appreciate that I've got very little chance of find out what this is caused by, but its certainly not network traffic volume related, or outgrowing hardware (current load_1_min 0.02, load_5_min 0.08, load_15_min 0.08 346 of 394 scanned sessions)
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