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    Yea not worth running back and forth or risk WAN continuing to go down by only applying 1 of these fixes at a time.. cost of a 2 port pcix 10gb nic card, 3' cat6 cable and 5 port unmanaged switch is pennies compared to the lost time, travel and frustration if the problem continued...

    We are now 36hr without a single dropped packet or outage...longest they gone since the problem started so I'm confident it's fixed. With all the remote restaurants, retail locations utilizing always on vpn tunnels back to this UT server, remote wireguard workers, VOIP TLS remote phone connections to the on premise voip server.., VOIP softphones on employees smartphones....this was a major issue at the corporate office so I'm glad it's fixed. Super annoying and frustrating? Yes. But it's fixed
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