I have a peculiar problem that I haven't been able to track down. I've been using Untangle and Idrive backup together for several years with no issues. I've backed up Linux servers, Windows Server, Windows 10, and a Macbook daily with no issues. Recently, however, backups have been failing. My last successful backup was May 6. I thought maybe the issue was with iDrive so I connected a Win 10 machine to a cellular hotspot and was able to connect to the iDrive servers. This tells me the issue is likely with Untangle.

This is a home environment with both wireless and wired connections. These machines connect to Untangle through a default policy with Web Filter, Firewall, and Application Control enabled. Very little filter rules are used in this policy. Mainly just porn, malware sites, etc. Looking at reports from these apps I can't find anything that says iDrive is being blocked. I can see sessions being established but with no traffic. I can log in to idrive dot com and see that the machines are active but the iDrive app can't communicate with the servers. This is really strange.

Where else should I look?