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    Default IRON Browser

    Anyone using the SRWare Iron Browser ? I just found it and wow is it fast...I read up on it and decided to try it if for no other reason than the security aspect of it.

    Opinions ??

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    I use SRWare Iron [Google Chrome without the Google Spyware] and like it very much. And Yes -- its FAST

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    Default SRWare Iron Browser

    The Iron browser is very good and very basic for the moment. The Big speculation is over Chrome Browser, however. Chrome is Iron's evil brother in this sense, you are an unpaid volunteer in every aspect of your life as Google reaches out and touches you.
    Now back to our Iron: sooner or later, within a day or two, Iron Always releases a new rendition when Chrome advances the conveniences it offers its customers. So a new rendition of Chrome means a new Iron right snappy, because Iron uses the fact that Chrome is open source, and removes the invasive Google presence.
    A lot of folk are awaiting Chrome's plug-ins. When they come, and are easy, Iron will get them too. Right now you can get greasemonkey for Chrome, and I presume it is applicable to Iron, and--off we go!
    Iron will get better and better as Chrome, Firefox and opera rub up against each other and share open source developments for readers of browsers.
    I stick with Iron, its a winner, if a bit of a sleeper at the moment.

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    Works great and really fast, disadvantage at the moment for me (and work) that CCleaner not supporting it to remove simple cache, cookies, history etc.

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