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    Default Open source server email encryption.

    Been playing around with a new open source toy I found

    Basically it takes email you send to it and creates a 128-bit AES encrypted PDF of the email message and all attachments.

    This project is simply amazing and rivals some several thousand dollar devices I've seen.

    Basically you can encrypt all email or have it encrypt based on a keyword in the subject.

    This claims to work with any mail server as it just uses postfix MTA and you just forward all email from your existing MTA to it.

    Really is a neat project just wanted to share. Plus they have a virtual appliance for vmware to make tinkering really easy.

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    hmmm... sounds nice... thanks for the post.

    Worth looking into I believe.... :-)

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    This is a subject that I am also interested in - thanks for sharing.

    I have not had time to read about this yet but what have you found out about the decryption process by the recipient? Making that easy/managable appears to me to be one of the biggest challenges to overcome before e-mail encryption can be widely adopted.

    Just got an e-mail ad about a Watchguard XCS170 that is an appliance that includes lots of e-mail features including encryption. One feature that is very interesting e-mail policy enforcement.

    One of my clients just had an employee send out an e-mail to a distribution list but did NOT put the list in BCC and all e-mail addresses were disclosed to each recipient. It costs the employee a job and is a big problem for my client. BCC policy is one that I believe is in the Watchguard. Maybe we could get something like that in Untangle!

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