For some reason on my Untangle machine, Dell Poweredge 2650, the snmp traps disable themselves during the day. Now I want to point out that I an no Linux expert and I have done some unsupported things to my Untangle box. Basically I have installed nTop and Dell OMSA to monitor the hardware on the machine. It doesn't seem to have any ill iffects when this happens but it is strange.
I welcome any suggestions on how to track down this issue or how to make the traps re-enable if disabled.

This machine is on my home network as a test.

I have the professional package installed as well as all the open source rack items. Come to think of it, it started doing this yesterday and that is when I installed the professional package. Probably not related but curious. This untangle box has only been up an running for 4 days. It took me quite awhile to get the install sequence down so that OMSA would work properly.