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Thread: Network Cleanup

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    lol, the before isn't bad at all.... my "After" pictures wouldn't look all that much better. then again no client wants to pay me for the time it would take to make things look that good. If it was my own rack, maybe I might have the patience to do it right.

    however, I must say: "well done sir".

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    Oh snap!

    Almost everything is virtualized!

    I'm now waiting on an MD3000i to move over the SQL stuff, it will have a speedy 15 x 450GB 15K SAS drives. RAID10 + Hot Spare, so basically 7 x 15K RPM spindles of hott sex lun carving.

    Right now the AX150i is not optimal since it's running a single giant LUN, naturally that causes inconsistencies in performance.
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