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    Thumbs up Security appliance market experiences year-over-year revenue growth

    Personally and professionally, I'd not venture into the "tubes" from home/office without Untangle. Your comprehensive software solution, and my repurposed hardware, have been consistently taming the malcontents resident in the cloud since somewhere in 2008. Simply incredible!

    "Firewall and UTM are the strongest areas of growth as network refreshes drive perimeter security refreshes and as vendors add new features and improve performance across all product lines"
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    This is the largest portion of my sales pitch with Untangle. The knowledge that I've plugged it in, and it's been there for years, a decade in some cases simply working. It doens't need replacing, it doesn't need configuring. It just sat in the corner and did its job.

    The amount of hours in tech time it's saved me has paid for its subscription cost each and every year. I cannot say the same for the competition. The worst offender of which is Cisco, either via Meraki or OpenDNS they continually suck up time to fix stuff. Sure Untangle has issues, but when handled properly they are always on my time table. Scheduled > Random all day long in the MSP life.
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