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    1. IPsec Speed Improvements:
    2. Default Gateway Group:
    3. Limiter AQM/Queue Schedulers:
    4. AutoConfigBackup is free!:
    5. DNS over TLS:
    6. Not to mention ipv6:

    Some products can innovate faster as they are targeted at a different markets. Also, pfsense is a firewall/router and has many tools while Untangle is an UTM.

    It all depends on your needs and capabilities.

    WebFiltering on UT is top tier while pfsense needs packages and url/ip lists to handle such function.

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    What I'm more worried about is Untangle lagging behind when it comes to security technologies like IPS and Cloud.

    Untangle is also lagging badly behind on GUI. I currently have a CheckPoint appliance here for testing and the interface is just so much better and user friendlier. All the threats are clearly brought out. It's really easy to do contextual analysis and see what happened where. Untangle IPS looks really bad compared to this with cryptic Snort rule names, no contextual analysis and no actual information of what happened.

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    Don't forget the weakest link continues to circumvent even the best proactive/reactive defenses to date...and I fear will continue to do so far into the future. Layers and KISS are proven best!
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    Decisions about edge protection and traffic control essentially come down to two factors; can do the job and cost, and then once deployed they just sit in a rack for years.

    Is it providing protection? Is it cost effective? Boom.

    Ease of setting up is another thing entirely and a problem for the network/security guy. Other than us nerds, no one cares about point to point feature comparison.
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    I am mourning the IPv6 functionality that I had with my simple Asus router - which was really underpowered for the amount and type of data on my home network. However, none of the other UTM products offer IPv6 prefix delegation in a truly seamless way (I'm looking at you, Sophos, you're close) and none support DNS over TLS / DNS over HTTPS.

    I need DHCPv6 with prefix delegation, and I'm confident that is on the to-do list. Also, in favor of Untangle is the use of Debian upstream. Debian has unparalleled hardware support, thanks to the 4.x.x kernel branch, which is one major version above most if not all other UTMs (3.x.x).

    pfSense / OPNsense are great for what they're worth (free), but do not have nearly the same level of hardware support without excessive troubleshooting.

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