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    Default Help: Parents Cyber security

    Cliff notes: Parents keep getting hacked, bank accounts breached. I think the problem is the users. Please Help me Help them.

    This fourm is a wealth of knowledge! As per my name my computer is knowledge is average at best. I am at at loss with my elderly parents that work from home, while they have always worked from home it seems to be getting worse... Every couple months I would update there computers and run the basic scans when I stoped by no issues until this year.

    Couple months ago they fell for the tech support help scam and allowed remote access to there computer. They reported it to banks/CC and changed passwords. I did a clean up made sure remote access was turned off. I wanted to do a full OS reinstall but they said they are going to buy a new computer.

    Yesterday their bank account was breached again and funds digital transferred. I believe this is a new problem, while my mom says she doesn't click on adds or try to download from random sites I don't know how else we could be here again honestly.

    Current Setup: Hardware 2 ISP routers, 1 in bridge mode to extend the wifi. ISP DNS, no VPN

    My Mom is desperate and at her wits end wants to know what to do, What to buy or who can help?

    My recommendation to my Mom , but hoping to get some better guidance

    Add Layers

    1) DNS like OpenDNS, Quard9...
    2) Setup untangle or buy a unifi Dream Machine
    3) Use a VPN 24/7
    4) Use a password generator service
    5) Stop using Windows, Buy a Mac
    6) Setup 2 bank accounts, 1 for getting paid and investing and 1 with a different bank tfor day to day and paying online bills.
    7) Note they already has a credit monitor service
    8) My parents and I will need to do more user training just read the post on

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    There is almost no tech that can't be overcomed by social engineering. With that said, send fake emails or links to website to test their guard. Phones are another vector for attack to get the user to download or provide information. My parents have computers without admin rights which means they cannot install anything.
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    My Dad was forever clicking on the wrong thing and changing the sort order of his email. I would get a phone call from him... "Why can't I see my new email. I know I should have some." I would have to drive to his house to fix it.

    Then I found a program called Deep Freeze at You install it, set the machine the way you want it, and then freeze it. If anything happens, reboot. The machine will be back to the way you set it up. Supposedly, it will handle ransomware situations as well.

    They have Mac and Windows versions.

    Another option I would have now is RealVNC Connect. His machine was behind a router, and my machine is behind Untangle. I can hit my Macs from anywhere from any platform. RealVNC Connect is free for personal use for up to 5 machines. Secure.

    My Mom and Dad came to computers late in life. It became their lifeline. Today it might be a tablet. When my Dad's 2nd generation flip phone had to be replaced, he never really adapted to the new Android phone. Change is tough on them.

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