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    Quote Originally Posted by pvcrisp View Post
    I hope you all know that there are many Linux based 'media centers'

    MythTV, SageTV, XBMC, Linux MCE...

    Also, we've heard why you shouldn't build an all inclusive HD HTPC from whatuusay, Rick, care to tell us how you have successfully done it? I know there are many people interested in this subject, myself included, but many of the resources online seem to be very outdated and you appear to have recent success. Please share your experiences for us.
    I've had some sucess with Myth, sage and linux mce (XBMC doesnt have a tuner component yet - that I'm aware of). The big downside to linux (sorry.. not meant to be a linux bash).. is again support for HD content. All the DRM and support for normal digital cable doesnt exist, and its not ever going to from what I've seen. If microsoft has had trouble getting DTV and cable cards to open up (the little that they have) I can't even begin to imagine how an 'open' platform like linux is going to fare. Once everyone moved to HD and eventually bluyray and IPTV I see some serious limitations on the linux platform. Its not really a linux issue.. its really a content provider problem, and unfortunately we're all using HTPC's to watch the content :-) Anyone sucessfully using an alternative (nix based) mediacenter with HD and blueray/HDDVD?
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    Rick that seems to be my experience as well...

    Media Center really doesn't sell well on its own as there are more cost effective products that are easier to use.

    However, if you want a PC that does gaming in your living room AND does the TV stuff... Vista Ultimate with the IR receiver is the way to go. Drop it in and done.
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