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    Default Tunnelling all traffic through VPN

    Hi All,

    I hope this can work...

    I am trying to tunnel all my client's traffic through the OpenVPN server within Untangle. Is all I have to do setup gateway routes in the client.conf, or is there stuff I need to setup in the server.conf somewhere? Any direction would help, I hardly know where to start. I read some of the OpenVPN documentation but am quite the newb and thought someone here might have a nice and easy method for doing this sort of thing, Thanks.

    Maybe something with the export dns option under advanced? or DNS override? Thanks again, for any help, all!
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    UT's VPN doesn't work with full tunnel. Many people have asked... many have tried.. none have prevailed. It just doesn't work that way at this time.
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    Default Any other help please...

    Too bad, but good to know, thanks. I'm out of the country behind websense and blocked skype. Hamachi is also blocked, but my UT OpenVPN was not, and I can still remote desktop using rdp into one of my machines behind UT. There must be something I can do to use skype. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks again.


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