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    Default complete network range is not available

    I have a strange openvpn problem, it worked always perfect but now I have the following issue:

    Untangle in bridge mode after a linksys ADSL router

    UT is installed on a Xenserve as a VM with one NIC to the ADSL router, the other one to the internal network

    IP UT =
    IP Xenserver =
    IP Second Xenserver =

    IP Fileserver running on the same Xenserver =
    IP Mailserver running on the a second Xenserver =

    I exported /

    The problem is that I can reach the Mailserver but not the Fileserver,
    would this have something to do with the UT running on an xen host?
    or something wrong in the routings?

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    Is the fileserver accessible to LAN users but not VPN users? If its not available to both classes of users, you have a networking issue in that VM.

    When you say you can reach the mailserver but not the fileserver, I'm assuming that you mean via the VPN. If that is the case, what is the address range in use on the other side of the VPN? As long as you don't have 192.168.10.x running on the other side.

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    Hi speciall,
    Can you do a simple tracert from the Fileserver to the VPN Client.
    Do a tracert form the Mailserver as well and compare the route.

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    I could fix this problem,
    I think there was something wrong in the internal Xen Routings

    What I did is switch the int and ext interface phisically,
    Then changed all the networks on the VM's , and changed int and ext interface on the untangle and it works again...

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