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    Lightbulb Can OpenVPN allow other users through

    After reading the FAQ I did not find an answer to my questions. Hope someone can help

    - I am setting up OpenVPN thru Untangle and I have some clients that will have another Untangle server connected to my HO using site-to-site, so far so good.

    1) question:

    setup in remote site is exactly the same for all sites, meaning same subnet and machine IP for all. Will this affect my VPN setup?

    - I have other users for other sites that use the default Windows VPN and they do not want to intall the openvpn client.

    2) Question:

    Can I allow these clients thru the Untangle VPN? If yes what will my setup be?

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    1) Yes, you are going to have problems if all your remote sites have the same subnet/IP address schemes.

    2) Yes, by default, the Untangle bypasses the pptp traffic, assuming that is what you are using (Microsoft VPN).

    By the way, I have moved your post.
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