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    Question Exported hosts and networks by client


    Just to check. Is it possible to configure different exported hosts and networks according to client? (ie. one user will export the whole X network, and another one will export only Y and Z hosts)


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    nope, but you can use the firewall to effectively limit access to certain people.
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    Yup, works like a charm, but you'll have to use Packet Filter to limit ICMP, as the firewall will only work on TCP and UDP level (at least from my testing).

    I have setup today a VPN for a application consultant that is intended only to access a given instance of a database that is bound to a dedicated IP. In onder for him to only be able to access the database port, and nothing else (nothing else indeed) I have made the following setup:

    * Created a new address pool dedicated to external consultants (luckly we only have this one ), limited to 6 hosts
    * Created the openvpn client for him
    * Configured the firewall to limit access from his client ip to the database ip on tcp/1433 (and logging)
    * Configured another firewall rule after this one as a implicit block rule for the whole address pool for logging purposes (this is not necessary, but I like to log what they are trying to do )
    * Configured packet filter to drop all ICMP traffic coming from the address pool (if you like/need some client in this pool to be able to ping a host or network you can configure a new packet filter rule before this one allowing it)

    It works like a charm

    Would also like to have the clients authenticating in the local directory dough... but this has already been much suggested.

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