I have an Untagle server in use for more than a year now and I have recently been wanting to access some of my work function from home. I have been tring to get OpenVPN to work but I have been unable thus far and I am in need of some guidance. Here is a basic run down of my current network setup:

All computers on internal LAN 206.*.*.129~190 Subnet
Untangle Server Internal Address 206.*.*.183/24
Untangle Server WAN Address 99.*.*.27/24

Cisco VLAN 207.*.*.*/24
Cisco Gateway to VLAN 206.*.*.190/24

All internal computer use Untangle DHCP server and gateway
Cisco equipment does not. I do not have admistrative rights to Cisco equipment as it is managed by 3rd party.

Home computer running Ubuntu 12.04.2
I can connect to OpenVPN from home and can ping the computer on the internal network the are setup for it.
I can not however ping the Cisco equipment or the VLAN.
I need to be able to access the VLAN from home.

Can I set the IP address of the VPN client to match my internal network?
Do I need to set up a static route on either the Untangle Server or my computer at home?

Please Help...