Hello, everyone. I have been absent from these forums for almost two years due to an extended bout with unemployment, which has recently ended.

I have been hired by a company to upgrade the networks and computer systems of two dozen stores located in a large metropolitan area. I am deploying very basic Untangle servers to each store location with the intention of linking them all to the central office using OpenVPN.

1: I am planning on building a rather powerful UT server for the central office to handle all of the incoming VPN connections. I'm figuring I need large amounts of memory (32 GB-ish), lots of processing power (quad-core hyperthreaded), and gigabit ethernet cards. Any other suggestions on what else I might do to smooth out that many connections coming in simultaneously?

2: Is there a limit on the number of site-to-site VPN connections I can configure as far as Untangle is concerned, or are my only limits bandwidth and system resources?

3: I am wanting all of the stores visible to the central office and anyone who tunnels into the central office, but I don't want them visible to each other (I think). I assume this is just a matter of configuring the exported network settings properly?

4: Any other questions I should be asking that I'm not? I have used Untangle in this capacity before, but never on such a large scale. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.