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    I just got done with a service call where a Dell laptop wouldn't connect to Untangle via OpenVPN after the Fall Creators update. Installing the 2.4.4-I601 client resulted in an error installing tap. Using the bat files to remove all taps, then reinstall the tap and a reboot later it was happy again.

    It sounds like you've got a bad configuration on the one server that isn't cooperating. I don't think this is a windows 10 thing, other than it seems the update may break stuff. Which... well... Windows is being reinstalled, I'm pretty sure the TAP driver takes a hike in that process.
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    Yes, it's the 1 server
    I tried reinstalling OpenVPN and downloading the client
    It uses the downloaded files to reinstall
    This is a simple system, rather than do apt get and reinstalling, I think I will do a clean install
    If that doesn't do it, I think there is a hardware incompatibility

    Thanks for helping me work thru this

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