After my appliance upgraded to 14.0 a bug caused my device to crash and reboot. After working with support I had to wipe the appliance and install 13.2 and then restore with a pre 14.0 backup. Since the restore my OpenVPN hasn't worked correctly.
It's going to be hard to describe the issue but here I go.
I can connect to VPN.
Once connected I can ping devices (ip and by name) on the inside of the building.
The issue is slow to no access to devices inside the building. When I try to connect to my Vcenter I slowly get the log in page, but after I log in I am not getting any further. If I open Dameware I can see all the devices that are online but when I try to log in to a device with Dameware I either can not connect or the lag on the screen is in the 3 to 5 second range.
Trace Routes from my laptop to devices on the inside are 20ms per hop and there are 2 hops.
Things worked flawlessly prior to the restore.
Besides the restore nothing else has changed. The appliance and setup seems to have the correct and same setup as it was before the update and restore.
I uninstalled my OpenVPN client, created a new package and installed that. I have tried it on my home Spectrum internet and my hotspot on my Verizon phone and it's the same.
The only odd thing is if I do a IPconfig while connected there is no gateway for the TAP adapter. Not sure if it was that way prior to the restore or not.
Anyone have any clues.