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    Default Unable to change OpenVPN Server port to 443


    I am trying to run OpenVPN server on port 443. I have moved the reserved ports Configuration -> Services tab to HTTPS port 8443 and HTTP to 8080. I can access the web gui on these new ports.

    When I try changing the OpenVPN server port on the Advanced settings I get a error saying: The configured port value is reserved. Please enter a different value.

    I am new to Untangle and all help is appreciated! Thanks.

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    That's because you can't "change" the service port. 443 is bound to Apache, always... and forever, it will never let it go. Changing the numbers on the services tab only adjusts a port forward.

    This change involves configuring OpenVPN for both TCP and an alternate port. I suggest you try for TCP 1194, and then configure a port forward that pushes the appropriate WAN IP address TCP 443 to the local service on TCP 1194.

    P.S. None of this is "supported".
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