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    Default OpenVpn Server Cofiguration File Used for Client Setup

    I'm new to Untangle OpenVpn. I'm trying to set up an OpenVpn server on my Untangle firewall. I have a mobile android device in which I'm trying to set up an OpenVpn client. I have OpenVpn enabled and the server enabled. The client needs a config file that the Untangle OpenVpn server is supposed to generate (according to the wiki), but I can't find the way to generate if from my Untangle firewall. Does any one have an idea how to do this? Thanks.

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    Apps > Server > Remote Clients > Add > Save > Download client

    For android use the option:
    Click here to download this client's configuration as a single ovpn file with all certificates included inline.

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    If you got Android 9, do not use openvpn connect APP, as it connects but it does not rout. Use openvpn client pro or free
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