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    Default Solution for connection problems with Samsung Galaxy S9 (and possibly others)

    Configuration: Samsung Galaxy S9 with the latest software installed, attempting a connection using OpenVPN Connect client to the most recent Untangle Firewall with the OpenVPN Server installed and configured.
    Symptom: OpenVPN Connect client by OpenVPN (from the Play Store) connects easily, and I was able to ping both directions over the OpenVPN tunnel. Reverse DNS worked properly but not DNS. Using both Samsung Internet and Chrome, I was never able to access any web servers by IP address on my target network from the S9 Client. IVMS-4200, a remote camera viewing app, also failed to connect to the specified IP address.
    Solution: After trying every conceivable setting on both the Untangle Server and OpenVPN Connect with no success, I installed OpenVPN for Android by Arne Schwabe, imported the exact same ovpn file that I had used for OpenVPN Connect, and the connection worked immediately and perfectly, allowing access to all of the target network servers and cameras.
    Clearly, there is some problem with the interaction between the OpenVPN Connect app and the Samsung Galaxy S9 as of 2020-03-05.

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    May I make a suggestion don't use the "Official" openVPN client published by OpenVPN. I found that app to be broken. Most Android users are now using OpenVPN for Android and it works on every Android phone I have installed it on.

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    Just to put this out there as well, I have an older phone (Samsung Galaxy S8+ with Android Pie) and the official OpenVPN app works with Untangle 15.

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