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    Default Multiple users with one Cert

    I know this has been brought up several times on the forums, but here's to a repeat:

    As more of my clients are moving their workforce remotely due to COVID-19 concerns, OpenVPN is becoming incresingly important. However, because of Untangle's implementation, every time a client is added, once I hit the save button, all current clients are kicked off for a time. With SIP and RDP over the tunnel, this is simply unacceptable. This is not a limitation of OpenVPN itself - they support client-config-dir changes while the daemon is running without a SIGHUP.

    As such, I want to enable duplicate-cn to allow multiple users to connect with the same cert - and requre 2FA with AD integration with a username/password combo. That way I still maintain some control over client revocation. While I know that changes in the Advanced tab aren't supported, does anyone know if things may break if I try this?

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated by Untangle's failure to keep up with the times (WebFilter doing content filtering besides URL, lack of proper HA stateful option, VRRP using multiple external IP's and the effects that has on some services like DynamicDNS, the list goes on...). I know OpenVPN isn't a paid module and deservedly gets less attention, but now that OpenVPN supports both on-the-fly changes, as well as Username/PW integration, there seems to be no reason that Untangle is so stuck in the limitations of OpenVPN from 10 years ago.

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