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    Default Openvpn settings for Untangle with Ethernet Bridging

    Hi, I'm desperate here and calling anyone to help.

    We have an Avaya IP500 pbx on site.
    I have IP 1608 phones that connect fine locally.
    The plan is to use the phones remotely.

    The staff have laptops, the idea is we OpenVPN to our Untangle server, then use network bridging from OpenVPN to the Ethernet port the phone is connected.

    My test setup is 2x Laptops - Laptop A is the Staff laptop / Laptop B is pretending to be the phone (for testing only).

    Laptop A connects fine to the OpenVPN and bridged to the Ethernet port appears fine - but no data is being relayed. From what I can see online I need to change some of the advanced config on Untangle, but don't have the know how.

    PBX - IP
    Untangle box -
    Public IP - x.x.x.x
    IP Pool -
    Laptop A IP -

    Please any help.... I've read online about changing to Tap and server-bridge but when I try it things break.

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    Untangle doesn't support bridging, and that PBX doesn't deserve to have IP in the name.

    I support one as well... my advise is to get a real PBX. This process isn't going to work, you lack STUN and a ton of other necessary things. The useless thing won't even hold an IP trunk to a VoIP provider worth a crap for you to route calls over, so you can't even plug your IP phones into a real IP PBX and pass calls over the trunk.

    I wish I had better news... but seriously that PBX is garbage. Avaya's official answer is you need a PBX per location, so you can setup trunks between them. They flat do not support road warrior voip.

    My client that has such a PBX is using COX's PBX services, which is basically Nextiva, and porting DIDs to it temporarily.
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