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    Default Restrict VPN access to a single device

    I apologize if this is not exactly the right area to post this- it could be a firewall question I suppose.

    At any rate we need to restrict all OpenVPN users to a specific device on the LAN. They will only be allowed to access that one device (which will have a static IP address assigned).

    I know we have to use network filter rules to accomplish this. But what I need is an example of what such a rule would look like. I've searched the documentation and found this:
    But it's exactly the opposite of what we need to accomplish. That example denies access to a single device while leaving the rest of the network available. I need access to only one device while denying access to the rest of the network.

    Let's say, purely for discussion, that the LAN is The OpenVPN network is The one device they need access to is at No other internal resources will be accessed- not even DNS.

    How should I create the network filter rule for that to happen?


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    I would just use Network Filter in http://<lan ip>/admin/

    1st rule
    Source Interface = OpenVPN
    Destination = <LAN IP of allowed PC>
    Action Pass

    2nd rule
    Source Interface = OpenVPN
    Action BLock
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