Wink has gone to a subscription format for using the Wink Hub (1) remotely for about $5 a month. No problem, I VPN into the house all the time. No go. Here is my basic setup:
UT 15.1.2 (fresh install in the last month)
Phone is Android 10
Client is Open VPN Connect Android Version 323(5597)
OpenVPN server, I created a new group called “FULL”. Full uses all defaults, BUT uses full tunnel
Wink Hub assigned a Static DHCP entry

Trouble shooting:
When on my WLAN, Wink works as expected from my phone.
When off LAN, using cellular data, a connection to VPN is successful
UT shows the phone connected within the OpenVPN server
When on the phone, doing a whois IP correctly displays my home WAN IP
I can access all home resources via OpenVPN correctly EXCEPT Wink
From the Android phone while using OPENVPN connection I can ping the Wink, and traceroute shows the hops as I expected it to, successfully.
For trouble shooting purposes, I turned off or disabled all UT APPS except openvpn
The Wink app on my phone shows no connection

Any suggestions how to make this work or further trouble shooting suggestions?