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    Default How to turn on the auth-nocache option


    When I log-in to our vpn server (OpenVPN on Untangle), the log says something like:

    "Mon Nov 09 17:04:40 2020 WARNING: this configuration may cache passwords in memory -- use the auth-nocache option to prevent this"

    How concerning is this / security-wise? Is it "industry standard" for this option to be enabled?

    I assume it can be enabled via adding an entry to Apps >> OpenVPN >> "Advanced" tab but I'm not sure the syntax/how

    To turn on this option, would I add it to the Server Configuration or the Client Configuration?
    and would I simply add it and put "auth-nocache" in the "Option name" column, and let "Option Value" as blank?

    Thanks for your time / input!

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    This is a Windows client OpenVPN issue. Windows can save the login / password. Nothing to override it on the OpenVPN server.
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