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    Default Need to block most of local network.

    I'm trying to setup access for a specialist to connect to our internal network. I only wan't him to access two E2 controllers at their specific IP & ports. (
    Since I don't have these E2 devices on a port forwards as I don't trust the security on the device I'm setting up a VPN for the specialist but don't want him to have access to the rest of the network.

    I have his VPN tagged, then in the filter rules, I'm trying to create a rule:
    Client is tagged: xxxx
    Destination address is NOT:,

    1. It won't let me do multiple IP's on the destination address. I could just do: Destination port is NOT: 1025 as noting else on the network uses this port #.
    2. Will this be sufficient enough to keep this guy off the rest of the network?
    He's not net work savvy, just wan't a little more protection from him snooping around.

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    The OpenVPN client name, matches as username in the firewall app.

    So all you need to do, is make two firewall rules, one simple says block, username: openvpnclientname

    The other above the first says, pass, Username: openvpnclientname destination address: list,ips,of,things,he,can,have.

    You'll note the lack of spaces... that matters.
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    Your awesome! That works so much better.

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