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    Default OpenVPN 44net AMPR Amateur Radio

    I have been allocated an address range on the 44.0/10 net. An example would be

    My connection to the Internet is a single public IP address.
    This is a home network running Untangle in a small appliance from Untangle.
    Kernel: 4.19.0-11-untangle-amd64

    More information about the 44 net is here
    A few details of the VPN server are here

    I know I need to setup OpenVPN such that Untangle is a client of 44net but I have no idea of the file format that Untangle is looking for when uploading the client specification.

    Is it the same format used with Untangle OpenVPN server? Just with different data designating the other server?

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    Use Tunnel VPN app for this scenario. There are various options for different VPN providers. OpenVPN app is for server configurations and Tunnel VPN is based on OpenVPN but for outgoing VPN connections.
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