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    Default Openvpn only connects over Lan.

    Openvpn only connects over the internal network.
    Persons using a ut with IP manual, the IP used is not in the dhcp distribution pole.
    I could not connect to the PC using my cell phone as a wi-fi provider router.
    Using the cell phone's wi-fi I can access the Internet normally, but access via port 1194 or 443 I can't, I can only access it through the operator's wireless router or wired network.
    On the router the ports are already configured with NAT.
    The router is a white Huawei hg8245q.
    Does anyone have any tips?
    Did not see on the router or on the server ut QQ access restriction.
    Thank tou.

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    Thank, but already put ddns in hostname untangle.
    I believe that can be problem with ISP's router.

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