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    Default 2-way traffic over OpenVPN-Tunnel VPN

    Hi All,

    I have several setups where I successfully connect a branch office to a main office by setting up an OpenVPN server connection at the main office and a Tunnel VPN connection at the branch office. But what I haven't been able to figure out is how to get traffic to devices on the branch network, printer web pages, phone web pages etc. This is not needed for day to day work but it's handy for maintaining those devices.
    When I look at the main office router route list I see the route listed; via dev tun0, but if I do a traceroute from the troubleshooting I see it trying to route over the WAN.
    I'm sure I'm missing something simple.
    Both routers are 16.3.2
    In the 'old days' when the remote site was using the OpenVPN client rather than the Tunnel I didn't have a problem with this but that method doesn't seem to work anymore.
    TIA for any help

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    If you need a site-to-site tunnel, both sides use OpenVPN.

    The TunnelVPN APP is for making OpenVPN a WAN link for Internet traffic, usually against a 3rd party. So it has NAT as part of what it does, and as long as NAT is in play you won't get bidirectional traffic by design.

    So my question becomes, why are you using the TunnelVPN app at all?
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