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Thread: Lost on rules

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    Question Lost on rules

    Hi all,

    So first, i precise, I searched, I read, I found more or less but I don't understand ...

    I have a project for my job to set up untangle, we are a small team ^^

    In a first time I put it in my home, to familiarize me with it, but policy manager I bug...

    For example :
    I did my little Web filter config to default policy
    Add another one "Children" with somes Apps (WebFilter, FW, App Control, and Bandwidth)

    Add rule that says "IPs" go to the policy "children "

    Everything is applied, but i don't understand how i can block per hour. (i try to block Web)
    I add a 2nd rule with a range of 23:59 a 10:00 to children, but voila where i can say "block internet during this time"
    In FW i can just open or I close access to specific IP... I don't understand.

    Sorry probably a silly question but I'm lost...

    Thanks for the help.

    Sorry For My English
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    Make another policy in which you block everything you want to block. Then in Policy Manager you have time based rule to go the block-everything policy or to the other ones depending on the hours.
    Happily untangling the average household: 20-25 active devices, 13 racks, each with 3 - 8 apps, OpenVPN 1 in, IPSec 1 road-warrior, TunnelVPN 3 out, IPS on. Spice it up with VLANs and mix with tons of rules.

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    The idiot that i am.... sorry about that.
    Thanks a lot for the information

    Have a good day

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