Please could some one help me understand what am I doing wrong.
I started by wathing this great video on Untangle at home. youtube.com/watch?v=KILmKRNHLYA[/url]
and so I wanted to limit the internet access to my kids from 2200 to 830.
I created a policy
I created rules
and manual assigned names to the field username, but thats when I found problems.
It seams to me that the username field is not consistent on the 3 tabs: Hosts, Devices, Users.
I change a username on Hosts and it dont update on Devices. I then get the same IP address with 2 diferent usernames!
and then rules and policys have problems.
How can I change username in a why it is consistent?

also, another issue, if I want to find and apply rules to IP address without username determined what operator should I use? NULL, or "".

many thanks,
Best regards,