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    Question Customizing access depending on Chromebook login

    Hi Folks,

    I'm a paid user of Untangle Home. I've been using Untangle predominantly for its adblocking and content filtering abilities with a single policy. Before I jump down this rabbit hole of a more advanced configuration I'd like to get some guidance for how to construct the policies IF it's possible...

    My kids each have a school account for accessing their elementary school profile from their Chromebooks (administered by the school). They have personal Gmail accounts as well. For Part 1 what I'd like to see happen is limit their access when they're logged into their school profiles to school content only (or at least block access to YouTube and games). I'd put no time limit on them when logged into their school accounts so there's no chance of something they're working on being interrupted. For Part 2 when logged into their personal Gmail accounts I'd like to allow them to visit YouTube or play games but limit their access window to either to 60 or 90 minutes. I'd also like the option to have an administrator login to give them an additional block of 60 minutes of free time if Mom and Dad are too busy to redirect them to another activity.

    I believe Part 2 is possible with a captive portal but can I limit the requirement for a captive portal login to specific devices for specific Gmail logins? Will I have to whitelist all the sites Google uses to authenticate Gmail profile logins?

    For Part 1 can I force them to a specific Policy based on login to their school account without a captive portal or will I need to use a captive portal there as well too?

    Thanks in advance for the replies!
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