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    Default Every new device on default policy [Bug]


    I have a little big problem with my policies. Its not possible anymore to send it truth different policies. Every device I got is going to default policy[1].

    I have had a talk with the untangle support and have been told that this is a bug and I have to wait till it is fixed.

    Is there no other option to fix this?

    Its tricky to put every new device on the same default policy rule.

    greetings from Germany

    (this bug was within version 15.1) I have know 16.0 and this bug is there to...

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    Direct message me your UID I can fix it temporarily until the fix is released shortly.
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    Similar problem, I think maybe related? I was going to start my own thread until I saw this one. I have two policies, the default and one more, so [1] and [2]. I've set up a rule so that devices with specific IP addresses are processed through [2] and the apps I have installed/configured for that policy.

    When I look at reports, those devices are listed as going through Policy Rule 2, but the Policy ID is listed as "None" and traffic is not being processed through the apps in that policy.

    I have version 15.1.1.

    Is this related to the bug mentioned here or should I start a new thread?
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