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    Default RAP Needs PortForwarding?

    I have a situation to solve for my RAP.

    I want to close my port 80 access from my EXTERNAL source. This would mean that our website will only be accessible from RAP, if a user logins to the portal.

    The issue: If I uncheck EXTERNAL source from port forwarding rule, my web does not show inside the RAP.

    If I check EXTERNAL source from port forwarding rule, it will show in my RAP, but, at the same time visible to the public. Which is not suppose to be, because the web we created is only for our organization's consumption.

    Also, isn't it that if I use RAP, this is the same as I'm tunneled to my local network, and accessing our web server is just like accessing it from inside? (like VPN?)

    Any help on this? :-)

    Thank you very much in advance.....
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    Any comments on this one please?

    From the Untangle guys, appreciate any comment. :-) I just need to make my RAP work.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the URL you're using in RAP. If that URL is resolving to external addressing then you are correct. The port forward is required. Use internal addressing.

    RAP is a reverse proxy in this regard. You're asking UT to access the web resource and spew the HTML back at the client. It needs to be able to access the resource in a local manner.
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