While using the captive portal, I have to support devices which are configured with a proxy server. All connections from these devices must tunnel through the proxy, and therefore isn't seen by Untangle. In order to allow these connections, I had to add the proxy server's IP address to the "Pass Listed Server Addresses".

Because these connections are being tunneled through, Untangle will never capture, and display the Captive Portal page. I need to know how many successful logins were used for these devices, but of course, they'll never actually login.

Since connections to the proxy server's IP can be seen, I've created a report to filter them. I then realized that I can't have this list e-mailed? Will this be implemented in the future? I noticed another thread with the same issue.

How can I create a report that would display the number of unique connections to the proxy's IP address. For example, if 25 devices connected to this proxy server 1,000 times in a day, I should get a report that there were 25 logins.