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    Default Report numbers don't add up

    First off, please forgive double post in Web Filter section but I am having trouble with untangle reports/web filter and I'm not sure where the problem lies.

    I have a fairly simple set up with a pc with untangle on it in series between my router and my network, there is no way around it and no dmz or anything else. I am not blocking any traffic but have selected to pass and log.

    The reports are showing filtered traffic to be about 25% of what my ISP is telling me I am using. e.g Filtered Traffic = 125 MB and ISP says traffic +480 MB.

    I am assuming that those two numbers should be equal so either I have not picked the correct set up parameters or there is a problem with either the filter or the report.

    Is there a problem with the reports or have I made an incorrect assumption re these two numbers. Thanks in advance.

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    i believe what you are looking for is under Vital Statistics in the Untangle Platform Report section of the online report.

    Under Untangle Platform Report > Vital Statistics, I have listed:
    Data transferred 260.165 MBytes
    Outbound 67.505 MBytes 25.94%
    Inbound 192.683 MBytes 74.06%

    whereas under the Web Filter > Vital Statistics section, I have:
    Filtered web traffic 21.291 MBytes

    Are you looking in the wrong section?

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