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    Default Web Filter Report Per User/Host

    Hi Team Untangle,

    I'm sure what I am trying to do is possible but I just cannot figure it out.
    I need to generate a report that shows flagged sites per user.
    IE: We want to monitor gambling sites (which we have flagged in web filter) and see how many times per day each user/host visits said sites.

    How would I go about this?

    / Viridian IT

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    Choose the Reports -> Web Filter -> Flagged Web Events then add a Global Condition:

    Web Category = Gambling

    Save it as a new report. You will then be able to further filter it per username/hostname and export its data.

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    You can just look at each user's report (using the conditions as noted above)

    Or you can create a new report that shows kinda what you want in one report.
    I would go to reports > web filter > top usernames (by request)
    or top hostnames/clients or whatever you prefer

    click "Settings"
    then change the title to "top usernames (by gambling requests)" or "top gamblers" or whatever you prefer
    then change whatever else you like (maybe you prefer bar instead of pie)
    then add a condition where category = "Gambling"
    then save as new report
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