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    The Untangle Performance Guide offers a couple logging recommendations that potentially affect disk space.

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    Everything is logged, as I said it depends on session count. I only provided one specific example, but it's ok to be frustrated because this spot is very much black magic. This is why when I install Untangle into a larger network I install it as a bridge with just the firewall module installed and let it run for a few days so I can get a feel for how much space is required.

    The firewall module alone generates gobs of data that gets put to disk, every single session is logged. Individually sessions don't account for much, but when you have millions of them going to disk per day they can stack up!

    If you've got SSH enabled and you know how to use it, you can do this:

    Right after the list of mounted filesystems you'll see how much space Postgres is consuming, if that isn't your largest consumer... something has gone wrong with your installation.

    And *Feature Request* It would be nice if Untangle noted the drive consumption of reports at the time the daily summaries were generated. It could then use this information to calculate the deltas per day, and make UI suggestions on max retention values. It would grant visibility into this largely invisible issue.
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