I am getting a constant stream of "Appliance Settings Updated" emails from the Command Center. Looking at local reports, it seems that the local license database (licenses/licenses.js-*) is updated every 4 hours and that is considered a settings change.

Is there a way to filter these out either from the local events (so they don't get also reported to the Command Center) or remove the alert from the Command Center?

In the Command Center, the Settings Changed notification seems to come from a catch all "Appliance Management Events" Alert rule, which just filters for the keyword "Appliance". It is very broad.

There doesn't seem to be an order of rules so that I can override this general rule with a more specific one to remove Settings Changes alerts. OTOH, if I remove the "Appliance" rule, I am not even sure what other message types will not be forwarded.

So the question is: how to I stop the involuntary flow of "Appliance Settings Updated" emails, either by removing involuntary settings changes from the event stream (preferred) or by removing all "Appliance Settings Updated" alerts from the Command Center without removing other Appliance-related alerts?