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    Default All Search Events (and other search reports) BLANK

    Home user here,

    Iím trying to determine why my Untangle reports show no data in several categories, specifically with search results. I would assume that all of the adults and kids in the home are using google to search things, including myself, and Iím looking to see trends on what my kids search for. Not sure why all the following reports show up as just blank:

    * Top Searches
    * Top Flagged Searches
    * Top Blocked Searches

    * Unblocked Web Events
    * All Search Events
    * Flagged Search Events
    * Blocked Search Events

    Now the blocked ones I can understand because we / kids may not be searching things that Iíve asked web filter to block, but we are all searching for lots of *stuff* and Iím not clear why any of the search targets arenít getting picked up, as I donít have any rules that would stipulate otherwise.

    What Iíve tried so far:

    Rebooting the Z4 (twice)
    Clearing the cache of my web browsers (Safari & Chrome)
    Trying 3 different browsers (including Puffin)

    Thoughts? Let me know if I can provide further details.

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    Most search engines are HTTPS. While the domain of HTTPS can be determined with SNI, the query words are in the URI which is encrypted by HTTPS. In order to see search terms on HTTPS search engines, SSL Inspector must be used.
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