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    Default Web Filter report based on Web Category

    I've been at this off-and-on for months... Ever since v14.0 (I think - it was when Web Filter was migrated to Webroot BrightCloud), filtering a Web Filter report, such as All Flagged Events or All Blocked Events, based on the Web Category column has required the use of smallInt values rather than partial- or full-text searches, such as '%ad%', that were viable in previous versions. However, I can't seem to find a map or lookup table for what smallInt values correspond to which full-text values for Web Category and I'm kind of going at it as the Web Filter app flags new sites from my users.

    Naturally, I'd MUCH prefer to use partial- or full-text searches for that column (or another suitable column with full-text data), if possible. Failing that, I'd really like to have a map of text values for the web_filter_category_id column that I can reference externally.

    Am I missing a table and column that I can use for partial- or full-text searches on Web Category in those reports?

    Does anyone have a map/table of those smallInt values that shows the full text of all the Web Category values?

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    Per John Coffin, it is to be found in the code:

      webCategories: {
            0: 'Uncategorized',
            1: 'Real Estate',
            2: 'Computer and Internet Security',
            3: 'Financial Services',
            4: 'Business and Economy',
            5: 'Computer and Internet Info',
            6: 'Auctions',
            7: 'Shopping',
            8: 'Cult and Occult',
            9: 'Travel',
            10: 'Abused Drugs',
            11: 'Adult and Pornography',
            12: 'Home and Garden',
            13: 'Military',
            14: 'Social Networking',
            15: 'Dead Sites',
            16: 'Individual Stock Advice and Tools',
            17: 'Training and Tools',
            18: 'Dating',
            19: 'Sex Education',
            20: 'Religion',
            21: 'Entertainment and Arts',
            22: 'Personal sites and Blogs',
            23: 'Legal',
            24: 'Local Information',
            25: 'Streaming Media',
            26: 'Job Search',
            27: 'Gambling',
            28: 'Translation',
            29: 'Reference and Research',
            30: 'Shareware and Freeware',
            31: 'Peer to Peer',
            32: 'Marijuana',
            33: 'Hacking',
            34: 'Games',
            35: 'Philosophy and Political Advocacy',
            36: 'Weapons',
            37: 'Pay to Surf',
            38: 'Hunting and Fishing',
            39: 'Society',
            40: 'Educational Institutions',
            41: 'Online Greeting Cards',
            42: 'Sports',
            43: 'Swimsuits and Intimate Apparel',
            44: 'Questionable',
            45: 'Kids',
            46: 'Hate and Racism',
            47: 'Personal Storage',
            48: 'Violence',
            49: 'Keyloggers and Monitoring',
            50: 'Search Engines',
            51: 'Internet Portals',
            52: 'Web Advertisements',
            53: 'Cheating',
            54: 'Gross',
            55: 'Web-based Email',
            56: 'Malware Sites',
            57: 'Phishing and Other Frauds',
            58: 'Proxy Avoidance and Anonymizers',
            59: 'Spyware and Adware',
            60: 'Music',
            61: 'Government',
            62: 'Nudity',
            63: 'News and Media',
            64: 'Illegal',
            65: 'Content Delivery Networks',
            66: 'Internet Communications',
            67: 'Bot Nets',
            68: 'Abortion',
            69: 'Health and Medicine',
            71: 'SPAM URLs',
            74: 'Dynamically Generated Content',
            75: 'Parked Domains',
            76: 'Alcohol and Tobacco',
            78: 'Image and Video Search',
            79: 'Fashion and Beauty',
            80: 'Recreation and Hobbies',
            81: 'Motor Vehicles',
            82: 'Web Hosting'
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