This may be picking nits, but it is an annoyance to those who like things neat and tidy (I'm not the only set of eyes on the reports):

Since I first rolled out untangle a few months ago, the Phishing and Spam blocking recipient names are inconsistent.

Here's a crappily formatted example from the Top 15 Spam recipient breakdown:

User account Count %
steve.pugh@mobxxxxxxsign. 2232 32%
eric. 1078 16% 975 14%
mpdmailman@mobxxxxxxsign 807 12%
coralynn. 636 9%
tom.bonnell@mobxxxxxxsign. 567 8%
chris. 472 7% 87 1%

Some of the recipients show the full email address, while others truncate after the first dot in the username.

Luckily there aren't any users with the same first name, but it would be nice to get the full address shown.

This occurred even before I got around to IP >> User mapping for other reports, and that is working well.