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    Question Custom Reports with Custom Columns

    Hey everyone,

    Been using UT for a long time never really had issues with the reports. I wanted to do two dashboard reports based on port forwarding, one showing different columns that the other.

    I have created new reports but when I change the columns and the order of columns they don't stay and both reports columns show the same. If I change one reports columns, the other custom report changes as well.

    Can you not change the order of the columns on a report (you can move them around), and can you not have different columns?


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    Hey Doc,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to change the order in which Columns are presented in a report.
    Furthermore, the columns you select aren't sticky, meaning once you navigate to a different page, they'll reset to the defaults.

    If you'd like to see the ability to control your column order as a future feature, I'd like to recommend that you take advantage of our feedback page to make a suggestion.
    You can find that page here ->
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