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    Default Logging Disconnects For Specific Device?

    I've been having random disconnects and extreme slow-downs on my primary computer that I'm trying to diagnose. Based on some prior narrowing-down, I suspect it's either the computer's ethernet network card or the 10g netgear switch I have it plugged into. (This is because when I connect with WiFi, where the AP is connected to a different switch, there are no issues).

    I planned to diagnose the old fashioned way and wait for another disconnect/slowdown and then switch the connection to another switch to see if that fixes it. But this all happens just infrequent enough (maybe once a day while I'm actually at the computer) where it might be worth finding a more elegant way to monitor it.

    So TL;DR: Is there a way, or what would be the best way to keep track of disconnects or obvious disruptions occurring for a single device?

    Current Thinking: I'm going to try looking at the Sessions or Sessions Per Minute graphs and filter it for the specific computer, then look for any obvious dips/cutouts. Is there any way to monitor actual failed connections somehow though? (As opposed to looking for an absence of connections?)
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    Look for errors on RX or TX in the network interface status page https://<lan ip>/admin/
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