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    Default Getting picky now...

    So I have two outstanding niggles in my reports, both relating to hostname...

    1) Put a new host on the network with the hostname set to "Apple", so Apple appears in all reports as the hostname for this IP. I then changed the hostname on the device to "Banana" and then set a DNS entry in network config to also map the host IP to the name "Banana".., but Apple still appears as the hostname in all reports and the session viewer. This problem persists across reboots, and even when I moved the install to a new machine.

    2) Similar thing, new host on the network with no hostname or local DNS entry set, so the IP would appear in reports. I have now set a DNS name for this host, however the IP address continues to be displayed in all reports, and not the hostname.

    I have over 100 hosts on the network, each of which has an entry in Untangle's DNS server. What could be the issue here ?

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    Untangle learns a device's hostname via several mechanisms.

    Manually set on the devices tab.
    From DCHP
    From Reports (This might be your easy fix, reports app, settings, name map tab)
    From other apps, like OpenVPN giving us the client name

    Of these, the Device tab is the most annoying, as it can be changed but there are cases where Untangle refuses to forget them an allow new names defined. Which is why this exists:

    But again, forward DNS isn't the tool here. You need to map IP addresses to names via one of the above means to get reports to fill in friendly names.
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